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BRAVE by Angela Keegan 2018

Brave by Angela Keegan

I picked a tarot card a message from beyond,

I felt some disappointment, my wish a magic wand.

The card said 'Bravery', step up to what's been asked

Until that point I hadn't thought, what I had been tasked.

Bravery I love the word, especially "Be Brave".

I wondered how to do it, how does brave behave?

Brave like a lion,  I wonder why?,

My feline friend does not seem shy.

Oh yes they growl and show their teeth

But they stand their ground and don't retreat.

Brave like a bear, he has height and muscle,

His roar is spunk saying 'Bring on the tussle'.

What else does bravery mean? I had to look it up,

Daring, grit, fearlessness, spirit, guts and pluck

But what does bravery do? It starts by showing up,

It's owning and believing that what is, is not enough.

It can be bold,  it can be calm, it's deciding now is time,

To take on something worthy, what was is not so fine.

To begin it can feel fearful, strange and kinda messy.

And when you move towards your core,

The head can get quite testy.

It can rant and rave to stay the same, it's just a worried soldier,

Who tried and failed and tried again

Not sure if it can shoulder.

The hoping, guts, doubt and pain, they're all part of the way,

The alternative to gather dust, to say 'Brave not today'.

Your time is now, the way not clear but you're at the starting line,

A deaf ear to the busy head, the heart says 'you're doing fine'.

Angela Keegan © 2018

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Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

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