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I wonder if I can ~ Angela Keegan

I wonder can I do courageous every day 
For a month to start habit to encourage 'Brave' to stay?
So every day, if I try, to sit with being scared 
To see if, feel it, hold it, am I now prepared? 
To hold my head, heart and gut when fear begins to crowd                With its voice inside me growing critical and loud 
And feel a tremor rise from my calves to my chest                   
And have my words get shaky, am I far from at my best?              

I do not like the sound of that, but that's why it's called 'being Brave' To hold my own discomfort rather than being a slave                 
To the whims of other people with whom I disagree                         I stand in place and find my root, rather than up and flee 
Courage says 'You're ready, trust your steely core                       It has been strengthened over time and can handle what feels sore                         The soreness will be there, but it will not feel as raw 
When things go wrong and you fail again, you'll take it on the jaw
So I'll take this opportunity, I'll give 'Brave' space to land        
To explore how it sits, let it have the upper hand                       It may be a revelation to feel it sit and breathe 
I give a sign, I think 'I'll try to see where Brave will lead. 

© Angela Keegan

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Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

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