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What Lies Beneath the Bully by Bernie Heavey © 2018

What Lies Beneath the Bully

What lies beneath the Bully

When you wake up in the morning,

What is your thought for the day,

Is it ‘Im going to hurt someone,

Just to make the pain go away’.

Just take a look in the mirror,

And talk to the one looking back,

Ask them f its right what you’re doing,

If it’s yes then your mirror is cracked.

It has to be deep rooted

The anger that dwells within you.

Why take it out on the world,

They world is an oyster for you.

God gave you a pair of strong shoulders,

For to help you carry your cross,

When you put your load on another,

Already your battle is lost.

You think it’s an act of bravery,

In fact to the world you’re so small,

The ones you hurt are the brave ones,

They are the ones who stand tall.

Take one more look in the mirror,

Ad give yourself time to think twice,

What gives you the most pleasure,

Is it to be nasty or nice?

Bernie Heavey © 2018

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